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Fishing the Florida Everglades for bass can be a memorable and exciting experience.  Depending on the time of year you can have days of up to 100 bass on fly or spin tackle.  One of my favorite ways to catch Everglades’s bass is with a fly rod and any type of top water bug.  Seeing a bass come up to the surface and explode on a fly is something you won’t ever forget. 

This is a great way to introduce fly fishing to someone or yourself.  You’re able to catch a lot of fish and experience what it’s like to fight a fish on fly.  For a beginner with the long rod, this is a great starting point as soon as you get the basics of casting down.  Although it helps, accuracy and distance is not required to catch fish as it is on the bow of a flats boat sight fishing in shallow water. 

Some of the gear you need to fly fish the glades for bass would be any 5wt-8wt setups.  I prefer 5wt or 6wt just because it’s a thrill with a lighter rod, but you can definitely use a 7wt or 8wt.  In fact I will always have an 8wt on my skiff when fishing in the glades.  Poppers, Gurglers, or any type of top water fly will work great.  To get down a little deeper, I like to throw clousers but any baitfish pattern will work extremely well.   I also like to use a 25-30lb bite tippet when bass fishing especially when there is a lot of dense cover.  You might need that extra strength to pull your fish from the lily pads that cover the edges of the canals throughout the entire Florida Everglades.


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